The journalism school at Stony Brook University undertook a foreign reporting trip to Bengaluru, India in the summer of 2015. The program, Journalism Without Walls is a unique experience for budding journalists to experience the thrill, challenges and learning that comes from foreign reporting.

Having done one of these trips back in 2013 to Turkana, Kenya as a student at the time taught me to value reporting and story telling in a whole new light. The journey to such regions is not only exciting, it’s filled with passion that you discover each day during the 10 day trip.

The students I co-led to Bengaluru as a fixer and mentor helped me understand better the workings behind a journey to a foreign land. It’s no easy task-especially when you are handed the responsibility to lead a team to report in the city you spent most of your years growing up. Breaking stereotypes, defining the city for what it is, today, and most of all, telling unforgettable stories that will, now, live on in the world of journalism.


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