Too Young To Die

Official Picture from Alison Parker Twitter Profile

Official Picture from Alison Parker Twitter Profile

It’s not everyday that a journalist gets to become the news. However, in the recent past, more and more journalists have. From ISIS killings to today’s tragic loss of two upcoming journalists from Virginia’s WBDJ7 news.

While I sit in my office in Brooklyn, New York, it pains me to read the news, watch the moments of the reporter and cameraman’s lives cut shot by- gun shots-  while doing their job.

Too young to die.

What really hurts is the question of why? What did this young woman and man do to deserve this?

While so many eminent journalists have lost their lives in the line of war or reporting in war tone areas around the world, today marks another territory, our own soil.

Reporting from home base is no safer than being in a war ravaged zone. For local journalists this is now our war zone. What should be a good challenge is rapidly becoming a fight for our own and the lives of those we are united with through this profession.

While more soldiers are preparing to step into this profession, remember, fear isn’t here to conquer, its here to motivate.

Take a moment today to think about the journalists who have laid their lives down for others. If you had a moment in the recent past where stories didn’t come together, or deadlines were missed, think again. Isn’t it a privilege to have another day to go back to do those things again?

The tenets of journalism teaches us to be fair and balanced. When ruthless people take the lives of those who have stood at the battle lines to report with their ammunition-a camera and microphone, it tells us one thing: journalism is doing something right.

Let us unite together at this time of loss and remember these two young journalists, Alison Parker, 24, and Adam Ward, 27 who lost their lives doing what they loved most. Telling stories.



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