A selection of Dipti Kumar’s work on print and in broadcast.

  • Dipti Kumar recently gave an interview for Mexico’s local news station Azteca noticias. This was part of a news report on India and the cultural diversity the country promotes. Anchor, Evelyn Herrera Avina, speaks with Dipti Kumar to find out more.

  • Dipti Kumar writes for Stony Brook University’s prestigious on campus paper-The Statesman. The Statesman holds repute for the offbeat style and variety of stories featured every week. She contributes to the Arts & Entertainment  section of the online edition. This article was written for the beginning of the Fall Term, 2012 to help students settle into campus life.

  •  When Anton Chekhov wrote his plays, the world would have to wait for it’s reply. Read my curtain raiser to Donka: Letters to Chekhov. Directed by  Daniele Finzi Pasca

  • Halloween is a time to put out the pumpkins and wear on the scares. Dipti Kumar explores one after-dark scary house in Melville and brings the scares alive on paper.

  • School life is all about the fun activities and laser tag is one such. Managing such events is no easy task. Find out what’s happens behind the scenes in this article.

  • Theatre is a setting fit for laughs, tears and finding the perfect joke. The comedy play written by Sarah Ruhl promises to make you laugh while telling the most natural events of our life. Dipti Kumar writes more in this review.

  • Is there anyone who can say no to food? Of course not. Dipti Kumar gives student’s a review of the local Thai food restaurant located 5 minutes from the Stony Brook University campus. Read more on Centara.

Watch this space for more


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